24th August 2011

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Pink bus
Russia, Apatity - August 2009

Pink bus

Russia, Apatity - August 2009

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29th July 2011

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Pink transport - to be continued…
Greece, Corfu - July 2011

Pink transport - to be continued…

Greece, Corfu - July 2011

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2nd June 2011


Shocked after the concert

Shock No 1:

I was looking for photos from performance at Strelka when I found some pictures with Magne giving autographs!

Why didn’t we stay a bit longer?!


Shock No 2:

Then I saw a photo by dalenabru… What’s a sorrow!..

Oh!.. Why, why didn’t we stay a bit longer?!!!!


 Shock No 3:

And after that… Locuste told me that GUY WASN’T AT THE CONCERT!!!

For… for such a long time I was looking at him thinking that it was Guy and then practically three weeks after I found out that it had been Karl!!! How, how can it be?!

Does it mean that I saw Karl twice? But if I knew earlier…

Is that why I didn’t recognize him at first?.. And once, when his profile was shown on the cube, I thought that it looked a bit not like Guy’s…

So all my thoughts, all my impressions… Are they wrong?…

The only thing that consoles me is that, anyway, I didn’t see him well enough to understand it… So don’t blame me… :)


One surprise - one Apparatjik.

Ha-ha, maybe someone will tell something about Martin?…….

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2nd June 2011

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I tried to put down what they were saying. Please, don’t judge strictly :)


Magne: This is the space where yesterday we had a performance with the cube.

Martin: From yesterday we had there our Light Space Modulator about here. And we hopefully will be able to do that very interesting space in St. Petersburg although I think it’s yet determined what this space will be.

Magne: Coming to Russia, coming to Strelka, is an opportunity for us to put ourselves at a situation where we collaborate with people slightly outside of our field and we can cross-pollinate with our own ideas and then something unexpected happens.

Man: Rolls back itself, rolls back itself, rolls back itself and then you have polygons. Like 500000 polygons figure.

Jonas: One of the premier ideas we have for Yota festival is to develop a system of generating music from chess. This is a very simple system. As you can see each the square is assigned a note in a C major and Minor Keys.

Magne: When we are working on exploration of the ways to generate musical content not by traditional composition but finding systems that generate data, information that we can use. And then we make choices and the manipulation afterwards. We don’t start by composing. We do the same thing with visuals, we do the same thing with texts. It’s kinda just composing, different, often conflicting things and see what happens. It’s a growing thing and we don’t really know where it’s gonna take us. We don’t know what form it can have. We are trying to set components like not a set of rules but a kind of overall conceptual strategy for… For we don’t want to be when we are going to Yota and we don’t want to be as we are here at Strelka. So there has to be a journey from where we are now to what we are in October.

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29th May 2011

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APPARATJIK at Strelka, Moscow

Me and Shalel after the concert. Wild faces. ;)

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29th May 2011

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APPARATJIK at Strelka, Moscow

Here are some photos taken by my father. It was a really special evening. Amazing experience! My dream came true! I saw the real Light Space Modulator and the ‘tjiks!!! :D

 ”Josie” is my favourite photo :)

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28th May 2011

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Young fan :)

Young fan :)

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26th May 2011

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APPARATJIK Light Space Modulator

Strelka, Moscow

May 13th 2011, Friday

A crowd of people was staying near the Strelka Institute. It was seen even from another side of the river, and it, of course, made two young fans very exited. Hurried across the bridge and joined the crowd.

People were staying in small groups and speaking. Some - about their own things, some –about the forthcoming concert. Women staying next to us were saying something about Magne. In the crowd not far from us was seen a Mew fan (she was wearing a badge with No More Stories…)!

Some photographers were walking around and taking photos and videos. We were captured, too!!!


And so 9 o’clock came. The guards opened the gate and people started to enter. Soon our turn came…


The girl is not 21 years old”.

So what?!

“The alcohol drinks are surved”.

Did I came here for the drinks or to look at Apparatjik?!!

“Sorry, I can’t”.


My heart sank.


A minute of arguing, a minute of disappointment… A young woman approached us and asked to tell the situation. But at this moment the guard returned and allowed us to go.


Envy, fear, trembling in the whole body. They always know how to spoil the mood!!!





But at least we are in the yard. And just in front of us we saw the Cube!!! We ran toward it and first of all made a picture. Full of reverence we touched it carefully. It was rubber!

We went to see if there was something to buy. No medals, no zonks – neither usual nor eatable, nothing. Nothing – except alcohol drinks. 

Looked around us. Many people went upstairs occupying the seats. Strange people! No, we knew what to do. We hurried around the cube looking for the entrance. Oh, we are not the only knowing people! A group of women had already occupied the corner. Rita recognised one of them – she saw her on the a-ha concert.

It was rather cold, some people were wrapped in blankets. We didn’t.

So we started to wait. Rita and I at once noticed all the doors and started to think which one will be used by Apparatjiks. Chose one of them and since that moment were glancing at it. An anxious music was playing. We had to wait for a long time. 


I was looking at the window above the door.

- Rita, Rita! – I whispered. – I saw someone!

- Whom?!

- I don’t know, but his occiput looked like Martin’s!

At the same moment I understood how stupid my argument was and hurried to explain it with my enacted imagination. 


Suddenly the cube illuminated and a creature from the Bolshevik Box appeared on it. First it was rather strange to watch, cause the cube was just in front of us while the sound came from the behind.

We started to look at the door more often (to tell the truth we looked at it practically more often than at the cube).


After the creature they started to show something… It looked like if you were watching the reflection in their Disco Car. Then some street views from Berlin. Very interesting but why did they show the same video for practically three times?!

Then was a pause and after that… “EyeOn Committee Q & A №1”.

Will they show the transmissions?!!

Yes! First Jonas, then Guy, Martin and Mags, in the order. The crowd sounded very excited when Mags appeared on the cube. Such cute eyes!..

After that – a black cube with a graphics on it.

And where is Max Tegmark?! – Rita asked.

Suddenly a number 5 appeared somewhere in the corner. And we saw Max Tegmark. The left arm in the left side, the right arm in the right side. Nothing in the middle. No sound, just music (though there was something written bellow). Should it be like that? Max Tegmark disappeared, the graphics twinkled for a few times and the cube became black. Nice…


Some time passed and suddenly another view appeared. “Everything, even light, seems to be made of particles…”

We’ll see it!!!

Martin A, Magne A, Jonas A, Guy A, Ute A, Max A – a chorus of cube-headed Apparatjiks (of course, Jonas’s voice was heard much better than others). A nice song about quantum theory and other physical difficulties. Didn’t understand anything, but loved it so much! Sometimes they hung their heads so sadly!..


The cube became black again, the graphic appeared on it. But where are Apparatjiks?

“How interesting – will they be wearing their new costumes with antlers? There was much less place then in Berlin between the crowd and the cube… Maybe they will put on their cubic heads?” – we thought looking at the door.


- Look! – Rita said.

I turned left and saw that the crowd parted and made a corridor leading from the door to the cube. Now it will happen…

The door opened… and a man went out. Then it opened again a bit, and then again, but noone was going. Suddenly, in a chink of the door we saw a small piece of silver antler!

- Did you see, did you see?!! – we were shouting. – Antlers!


But at this moment the music started (A Space Odyssey, their variant) and we saw the light at the door.

Apparatjiks, lighting at the people’s faces, reached the end of the corridor. Mags, Jonas, Guy and Martin - I recognized all of them at once. They approached the cube and passed out of sight. A group of photographers ran past us. One second – and we saw Apparatjiks going around the corner. Suddenly I saw Magne staying just in front of me. He was very tall and majestic. That was everything I managed to see. And then – light. Was he lighting just at my face?!

The spot of light disappeared and I saw Jonas’s face. He was walking nearer slowly, holding a torch in a lowered hand. He looked calm and pensive. I was looking at his profile behind the glass and thinking with astonishment: “This is Jonas.. Real Jonas… This how he looks?…”

But then my eyes (I couldn’t control myself) saw another Apparatjik. Who is that? I saw his chin. Hey, this is Guy! He was staying somewhere near Rita. Then I noticed Martin. Unfortunately, he was rather far from us, just near the cube.

Then my look fell at a stripe on Jonas’s sleeve. Oh my! Jonas’s was staying just in front of me! There was only a meter between me and his shoulder!


They went to the corner of the cube and stopped there for a few seconds. Then the guard opened the cube and they started to get in. When the last Apparatjik went in (it was Guy, whom the guard practically pushed inside) the crowd started to applaud and shout. The guard closed the cube and went away. 

A few moments passed and we saw Martin’s cubic face. The faces began to change moving around the cube faster and faster…And the concert started!!!



Lots of light, trees on the cube, “Arrow and Bow” is being played. The Apparatjiks’ silhouettes appeared. First I saw Guy, he was at the right! And then… Oh, how lucky we are! Jonas was at the left!!!

They had already taken off their masks but the helmets with antlers were still on them.

For a few times Jonas’s face from “Arrow and Bow” video flashed, what made me very happy. And once, when Jonas didn’t need to sing he danced a bit and the straps of his helmet were dangling so funny!

During the whole first song I couldn’t calm down and was crumpling my fingers all the time!


Then went “Snow Crystals”. I understood that I was staying at the very middle of a cube edge, because the points in the video were meeting just in front of me. Apparatjiks put on their square things – Jonas looked quite strange in it, because was always throwing his head back. And in the middle of the song we saw a huge singing Guy’s profile (he was lighting himself with a torch).

During the“Quiz Show” a traditional video was shown and we practically didn’t see our dear Apparatjiks. I just saw that Jonas was wearing something strange. Actually now I am practically sure that it wasn’t Jonas at all!.. And Guy put on that head-dress with ears and something curly on the top.


After “Quiz Show” Apparatjiks performed the ending of “In A Quiet Corner”. I didn’t expect to hear it live!


And then – “Supersonic Sound”. Lots of red, a heart made of sponge… Jonas was wearing his huge antlers! That looked wonderful, but it really seemed to me that it needed a repair… And one thing - photographers walking around the cube prevented to watch!.. 


Something black-and-white flashing on the cube, claps – “Look Kids” started! Apparatjiks began to move around the cube. They made a circle and stopped at their places. And Martin gladdened us with his springs-ropes!

“Look Kids, the sun is out,” – Jonas was singing and Guy was indicating somewhere with a finger. Suddenly a spot of light appeared where he was showing – first yellow, then red. Maybe it was just a fortuity, but it looked like the sun!

And after that followed Intermission – music and many little colourful squares on the cube. One of the photographers was sitting near the corner of the cube. I wonder - what he was doing?..


“Datascroller” sounded rather strange live. But not worse! The cube was motley and during the chorus it became violet and we were watching a very big Jonas’s profile. I should say they were wearing little caps what made them look as if they were bold. That was strange…


“Josie” –what’s a lovely song! I understood that I liked it very much. All the Apparatjiks were wearing their helmets. The background was fawn-coloured and the shadows were seen very clearly. Simple, but beautiful. I didn’t want this song to end!..


The first sounds of “Deadbeat” were heard, the crowd shouted enthusiastically. A favourite song? Red screen with brilliant phrases on it. Then the famous changing faces. But, of course, the most of the song the cube was flashing with pixels of all colours. Oh, my eyes, my ears! That was really DEADBEAT!!!

Guy impressed my very much… I could never understand how he managed to make such a sound, but to do it at the concert, using just a microphone… Fantastic!!!


We saw pixels, pixels and pixels – very many pixels! The song went to the end. The sound was as it there was a plane taking off. It was getting louder and louder and then… “End of Communication”.

- That’s all? And where are the new songs?!

The crowd was wondering, too.

- Combat, combat! – the group of fans at the left was shouting.

But they weren’t heard.


In the lower right corner Guy was messing about with his mask. The guard ran to the cube and opened it. A hand leaned out – it looked like they have already been waiting for a long time.

Jonas went out of the cube. Then we saw Magne. Martin got out leaning on Jonas’s shoulder. A few moments later Guy dragged himself out. He was still having some problems with his mask – he was holding it near the face and was bending down. He almost went into a crowd of fans, but fortunately the guard showed him the corridor.

Apparatjiks went to the door and disappeared there.


And that’s all? It was only 11 p.m. while it was written that the event ends at 00:00. Will they come?..

We took some pictures with the cube again. Should it be green?..

We asked Rita’s parents to stay for fifteen minutes more, but nothing was changing. And we went home.



We were going toward the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the metro. So many impressions!!!

We saw Apparatjiks!!! Magne! Was he looking at me when he was lighting at my face?

And Jonas was so near, so near!!! Rita saw only his antlers and neck. She said he had made a haircut!

What’s a pity, I saw Guy and Martin so bad… I remember only Guy’s chin; I feel a bit ashamed about it…



Thank you, Apparatjik, thank you, EyeOn Committee, for one of the best days in my life!!!

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26th May 2011

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If you are interested…

Here are some links about Light Space Modulator at Strelka, Moscow.

(Some pictures are repeated but there are always something new)



Here is in Russian:


More here:




Here is mostly about wodka and some unknown celebrities:



And some videos:


We can be seen here sometimes! - http://magnef.us/apparatjik-moscow-13-may-2011/

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26th May 2011

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Look what I had found in the Internet! The photo was made by Marina Lystseva.
From left to right: Rita, me, Rita’s mother, Rita’s father. Why am I looking at the camera? :)
Below the photo was written: “Персоны до 21 года не допускались, т.к. вечер был алкогольный. Впрочем, юные девы все же встретились - одна пришла с мамой. А с мамой - можно!”
Young virgins…. :)

Look what I had found in the Internet! The photo was made by Marina Lystseva.

From left to right: Rita, me, Rita’s mother, Rita’s father. Why am I looking at the camera? :)

Below the photo was written: “Персоны до 21 года не допускались, т.к. вечер был алкогольный. Впрочем, юные девы все же встретились - одна пришла с мамой. А с мамой - можно!”

Young virgins…. :)

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